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           2 year
Sponsors package

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                 Your Virtual Caddie was a finalist in the

             National Sports Innovation Awards for 2022


As a sponsor you will be centralized in all our

Sales & marketing plans, campaigns, social media platforms and other  materials created to promote YVC   

Where will you be

Your company logo and message

will be front and center on all YVC platforms


starting with 520 banner replacements on website currently used by VYI & on all new banner  content creation ,1500 more spots with in 12 months.

as well as at all 36 live staged events, live broadcasts, constant stream of sponsor on screen during live broadcasts


Package clips of each event with sponsors advertising


Poster advertising. 

At every Golf club on the listings section

Clubs Data bases/ promotional email

& Poster campaigns


Local media above and below the line invited to live  events. Further help to promote Sponsor



Rebranding of all social media accounts as the event will take on a new name dedicated to the sponsor


Event marketing

flyer hand outs at all major golfing events 

attending Golf tournaments

Entering Global Sports Innovation awards

Merchandise Caps,Tshirts,golf apparel 



Sponsors in put

staging each event ,product display, promotion advertising etc ,you have final say/edit

on the back of our suggestions


The sales and marketing plan used to Launch 

                      YOUR VIRTUAL CADDIE

was a great success and we see using something very similar to this in promoting our Sponsor that you can view below

Australias biggest  hole in one competition has a decicated sponsors page, click here for more

Average user time on site visit is 18m 35sec

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