Hello everyone,thank you again for being part of this 

an update for you to let you know whats going on


 Filming Starts

12th -20th     September Tasmania COMPLETE

14th - 21st     October South Australia COMPLETE


NSW &  VIC courses complete by end of January 2022

border openings & covid permitting

will be in touch soon  to confirm dates,

thanks for you patience NSW & VIC has been crazy times we are living


I  have changed  the name  WORLD GOLF LISTINGS to

                                    YOUR VIRTUAL CADDIE

for 2 reasons, the web address is not user friendly,

but the main reason being the flyovers we created are being used as YOUR VIRTUAL CADDIE ,makes sence to change to what it does


Launch of the site Febuary 14th 
For the launch The social media side of the business is huge

I have in place social media accounts for all the big platforms

and a small team ready to create a huge online presence for the Launch

I have a Social Media Business Marketing Plan,

you can watch a short Film clip below explaining this

this will give you a better understanding where it will be promoted and where im taking it


Landing Page

On your landing page under your promo Film  there is a section for you to update whats going on at your club with a poster campaign

please send me what information you would like people to know about whats coming up

this to be updated every 3 months, or if you have something coming up, im sure we can put what information you have  up straight away 


Im going to add a store to the site  and sell a few Golf products

2 products to start

1 Customized  golf package

2 This amazing Golf mug


Customized Golf package includes a shirt,cap,3 balls,&mug

im sure you realise how a company or organisation can have there logo on all products for sponsor corporate days

great promtions and advertising look ,and great prices,

finalising package at moment will update you once all confirmed

You can watch a Film below explaining this more


This is my favourite

The Golf Mug, a Novelty Golf Mug i love it

this mug has 4 uses to it,

i think its great and hope you do also

because I would like you to consider me placing some mugs in your pro shop or bar to sell,but i have a online store for Launch

watch the  film clip below showing these amazing Golf mugs



will contact you soon regarding locking in a  date and time to Film

if you have  a buggy i could use for Filming that would be very much appreciated


The voice-overs for YOUR VIRTUAL CADDIE explain and give tips on best how to play the hole,if someone at your club could write suggestions and tips for each hole that be great for the final edit


That is where i am up to at the moment

busy times ahead  ,hope this gives you a better understanding on where its all going 


I look forward to seeing you soon,

appreciate your thoughts and comments on the new looking site especially the  name change , logo, and

 YOUR VIRTUAL TOURNAMENT  a new service now offering

Thanks again

Brett Sharples



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Social Media Business Marketing Plan

Golf Package

Golf mugs